E.G.G Episode 9: Enchanted

Josh has gone missing (as well as Eileen’s slippers!). In order to find him (and Eileen’s slippers), Eileen and Acacia must journey to the distant world of Asgard! But only magic and mayhem await. Will they find Josh (or Eileen’s slippers!)? And if they do, will he be the same?

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Here’s a preview:

Eileen and Acacia wandered deep into the forest. Suddenly there was a noise. Eileen readied her Widow Stings and Acacia pulled out a Thwip Blaster. Then a man, muscular, towering over both of them, and wielding an ax, rose from the bushes.

“Surrender all hope, ye who enter here.” The man growled. “For now you face Skurge, the Executioner.”

“Run!” Eileen shouted.

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E.G.G Episode 8: 2099

A mind boggling episode of E.G.G! A strange visitor from the future has come, but what are his intentions? And what links does he have with Josh’s son? All of these questions are answered in the most futuristic E.G.G yet!

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Here’s a preview:

And at that instant, a blue flash lit up the Inner Shell. When it cleared, a man stood in the center. He wore a blue costume with a red skull on the front. He had two talons coming out of the back of each arm and a mask that completely covered his face. He looked directly at Josh, then began to walk towards him. Josh drew his gun.

“Blast him!” He shouted. Everyone took out their weapons and began to fire. Alerted, the man began to move. Quickly. He swiftly and effortlessly dodged each bullet. He flipped around the room, kicking, tripping, and taking out agents.

“His moves…” Josh said. He watched as the man made his way around the Inner Shell, taking down agents one by one.

“That’s it!” Eileen said as she stepped forward, held out her hand, and shot lighting at him. It hit him, and stopped him in his tracks, but it seemed like his suit absorbed the blast. Eileen stopped. “What the…” Then he did something really unexpected. He spun a web, and stuck Eileen to the wall.

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E.G.G Episode 7: Extremis

It’s the epic conclusion to the Incident. Josh v.s Julian, Acacia v.s Venom, and Eileen is back in action! It a throw down showdown as the Eggheads battle to save the city!

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Here’s a preview:

Josh punched, but Julian blocked and kneed him in the gut. Josh doubled over and Julian punched him across the jaw. Josh stumbled a bit, but regained his balance. He rushed Julian, with a shoulder to his chest. Julian was about to fall to the ground, but Josh caught him by his hair and threw Julian’s head down onto his knee. Julian held his head and backed up in pain. Then Josh ran and jump kicked him, but Julian caught his leg. Josh struggled to get free, but Julian raised his arm and forced his elbow down on Josh’s lower leg. There was a loud crack, and Josh screamed in pain as Julian dropped him to the ground. Julian smiled and approached him as Josh struggled to get up.

“You’re weak Josh.” He said, kicking him in the stomach. “Always were.”

“Not… finished… yet…” Josh grunted, trying to get up. Julian laughed.

“Come on man, you know how it is. You’ve always known that if you and me stepped into the cage I was comin’ out. You couldn’t beat me then, you can’t beat me now, and won’t beat me ever.”

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E.G.G Episode 6: For the Fallen

Eileen is dead. Mother Egg has crashed to the ground. And behind it all? Josh and Eileen’s old friend gone rouge Julian Woodfin. Now it’s up to Josh and Acacia to save what’s left of E.G.G, and avenge their fallen friend. Sparks fly in this episode, with appearances from Nick Fury, Black Widow, and some surprise characters!

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Here’s a preview:

After they grabbed their gear and weapons, Josh and Acacia set off. They exited Mother Egg to find fire trucks and police everywhere. Josh spotted Natasha Romanov, aka the Black Widow on a nearby roof, most likely getting a damage assessment for Fury. He kept walking.

“Do you know where he is?” Acacia asked as they made their way through the chaos.

“If I know Julian, he’s gonna be close by, waiting for me.” He replied. Acacia looked at him.

“What the deal with you two anyways.”

“Old friends drifted apart.” Josh said. “Nothing more than that.”

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E.G.G Episode 5: Agents of Doom

At long last! The gap between the end of episode one and beginning of episode two is filled! This is the most action packed episode of E.G.G yet! Finally witness the long awaited Incident! Thrilling battles of epic proportions! And an enemy more ruthless than any before! But beware, these new Agents of Doom are playing for keeps, and all of the eggheads might not make it out of this one alive…

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Here’s a preview:

“Aw shell.” She said as everyone opened fire. Eileen did a double back handspring followed by a backflip, evading all of the bullets. She landed on the wall and pushed herself into one of the agents of doom. She tackled him to the ground, then sprung up and grabbed another. She swung him into two more, kicked one, punched another. She ducked under a kick, caught the man’s leg and twisted him to the ground. She stood up, breathing heavily, but still ready to fight.

“Come on!” She shouted.

“Stop!” One of the agents called. He pushed his way to the front of the crowd. “She’s mine.”


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E.G.G Episode 4: Errands

It’s Eileen’s day off! Well, sort of. She has a few errands to run. But a few errands could be harder than she thought, when it seems like life itself is trying to keep her from completing her mission!

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Here’s a preview:

“Details aren’t important! Lastly I need about… 1000 eggs!”

“For what!”

“I’m making deviled eggs.” Eileen laughed.

“Oh the irony. Alright, I’ll have it all.”

“Thanks, you’re the best. What the… Acacia! Put that down!” Josh cut out. Eileen smiled and stood up.

“Another day, another errand.” She said. She began walking when a boy on roller skates skidded up to her.

“Come to the Rexburg Rumble tonight at 8:00!” He said, handing her a flier. “Bring a date, bring your friends, and have great time!”

“Thank you,” Eileen said, folding up the flier as the boy skated away.


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E.G.G Episode 3: The Kiss

At last! The third installment in the critically acclaimed E.G.G series! Love is in the air in Mother Egg, but is it the good kind? A vial, a villain, and a kiss, this episode has the suspense, humor, and romance (???) that makes E.G.G the best series ever! So read on as the Eggheads have yet another silly adventure, getting closer and closer to the incident in episode 1!

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Here’s a preview:

“You realize you’re talking about a super villain, right?” Eileen reminded.

“I’m entitled to my opinion.” Josh rebutted.

“Sure,” Eileen replied. “Where is this going?”

“Well, I’ve developed a chemical solvent that will negate the poison in Viper’s kiss, which will render her most lethal attack useless!” Josh declared, as he proudly held up the vial.

“That’s nice and all,” Eileen said. “But you have no way of testing that without actually kissing Viper.” Josh smiled. Eileen’s eyes widened. “You’re not actually going to kiss Viper, are you?”

“The simulations showed promising results…”

“Those are simulations! You can’t tell what’ll actually happen! Plus, the odds of you infiltrating Hydra Island, finding, and kissing Viper are very low.”

“I know, which is why she’s coming here!” Eileen dropped her brush and Acacia’s jaw dropped.


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E.G.G Episode 2: Agents of E.G.G

Behold! Another episode of the spectacular E.G.G series! With an opening that may shock you and leave you with more questions than answers, a fun filled day in the life of the Eggheads, and enough mayhem to wreck an entire Mother Egg, this is bound to be a fitting followup to the debut episode of E.G.G!

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Here’s a preview:

The blaster lit up, then spewed a flurry of sparks. Acacia screamed and took cover while Josh jumped back. He twisted the wrench back to its original position.

“Well we got something.” Eileen noted.

“Something!” Josh shouted. “That was a little light show! Have you ever seen Iron Man shoot a repulsor blast? It looks nothing like that! Boost the rotations to 85%!” Acacia looked at Josh in fear.

“85%!” Eileen shouted. “Josh, that is not a safe…”

“Nick Fury doesn’t have time for safe!” Josh replied.

“We’ll die!”

“We’re not gonna die.” Josh said. “Not today.”

E.G.G Episode 1: The Incident

It’s finally here! The first installment of the long anticipated E.G.G! It has everything a proper introduction needs! An origin story, three best friends, and an incident? Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good for the Eggheads! With plenty of humor, a cliffhanging ending, and a villain that may take you by surprise, E.G.G Episode 1: The Incident will have you clamoring for more by the end! So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and crack that E.G.G open!!!!!!!

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Here’s a preview:

Josh and Eileen rushed through the doors into the Feeding Pen, the cafeteria. Suddenly, in a puff of smoke and a bamf, the third and final of the trio, Acacia Blanco, appeared in front of her two friends. She wore a device that was strapped to her chest, with a glowing yellow circle in the center.

“How could you guys not tell me about this!” She exclaimed. With another bamf and a puff of smoke, Acacia teleported herself to the complete other side of the room.

“Acacia, the Bamf Vest is still in the prototype stage, it hasn’t been fully tested yet!” Josh stated.

“Seems fine to me!” She replied, teleporting again, this time on top of a table, which she began dancing on.

“Acacia, it’s only passed the primary testing phase!” Eileen shouted. “Keep using it and you could bamf yourself out of existence at any time!” Acacia stopped dancing.

“Seriously?” She asked.

“Yes!” They both replied at the time.

“Oh,” Acacia sighed. She stepped off of the table and took the vest off. “Well that sucks. I was just starting to have fun with it.”


The Next Big Thing for Marvel is Here!

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