E.G.G Episode 1: The Incident

It’s finally here! The first installment of the long anticipated E.G.G! It has everything a proper introduction needs! An origin story, three best friends, and an incident? Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good for the Eggheads! With plenty of humor, a cliffhanging ending, and a villain that may take you by surprise, E.G.G Episode 1: The Incident will have you clamoring for more by the end! So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and crack that E.G.G open!!!!!!!

Click Here to read E.G.G Episode 1: The Incident

Here’s a preview:

Josh and Eileen rushed through the doors into the Feeding Pen, the cafeteria. Suddenly, in a puff of smoke and a bamf, the third and final of the trio, Acacia Blanco, appeared in front of her two friends. She wore a device that was strapped to her chest, with a glowing yellow circle in the center.

“How could you guys not tell me about this!” She exclaimed. With another bamf and a puff of smoke, Acacia teleported herself to the complete other side of the room.

“Acacia, the Bamf Vest is still in the prototype stage, it hasn’t been fully tested yet!” Josh stated.

“Seems fine to me!” She replied, teleporting again, this time on top of a table, which she began dancing on.

“Acacia, it’s only passed the primary testing phase!” Eileen shouted. “Keep using it and you could bamf yourself out of existence at any time!” Acacia stopped dancing.

“Seriously?” She asked.

“Yes!” They both replied at the time.

“Oh,” Acacia sighed. She stepped off of the table and took the vest off. “Well that sucks. I was just starting to have fun with it.”



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