E.G.G Episode 3: The Kiss

At last! The third installment in the critically acclaimed E.G.G series! Love is in the air in Mother Egg, but is it the good kind? A vial, a villain, and a kiss, this episode has the suspense, humor, and romance (???) that makes E.G.G the best series ever! So read on as the Eggheads have yet another silly adventure, getting closer and closer to the incident in episode 1!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 3: The Kiss

Here’s a preview:

“You realize you’re talking about a super villain, right?” Eileen reminded.

“I’m entitled to my opinion.” Josh rebutted.

“Sure,” Eileen replied. “Where is this going?”

“Well, I’ve developed a chemical solvent that will negate the poison in Viper’s kiss, which will render her most lethal attack useless!” Josh declared, as he proudly held up the vial.

“That’s nice and all,” Eileen said. “But you have no way of testing that without actually kissing Viper.” Josh smiled. Eileen’s eyes widened. “You’re not actually going to kiss Viper, are you?”

“The simulations showed promising results…”

“Those are simulations! You can’t tell what’ll actually happen! Plus, the odds of you infiltrating Hydra Island, finding, and kissing Viper are very low.”

“I know, which is why she’s coming here!” Eileen dropped her brush and Acacia’s jaw dropped.


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