E.G.G Episode 4: Errands

It’s Eileen’s day off! Well, sort of. She has a few errands to run. But a few errands could be harder than she thought, when it seems like life itself is trying to keep her from completing her mission!

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Here’s a preview:

“Details aren’t important! Lastly I need about… 1000 eggs!”

“For what!”

“I’m making deviled eggs.” Eileen laughed.

“Oh the irony. Alright, I’ll have it all.”

“Thanks, you’re the best. What the… Acacia! Put that down!” Josh cut out. Eileen smiled and stood up.

“Another day, another errand.” She said. She began walking when a boy on roller skates skidded up to her.

“Come to the Rexburg Rumble tonight at 8:00!” He said, handing her a flier. “Bring a date, bring your friends, and have great time!”

“Thank you,” Eileen said, folding up the flier as the boy skated away.


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