E.G.G Episode 7: Extremis

It’s the epic conclusion to the Incident. Josh v.s Julian, Acacia v.s Venom, and Eileen is back in action! It a throw down showdown as the Eggheads battle to save the city!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 7: Extremis

Here’s a preview:

Josh punched, but Julian blocked and kneed him in the gut. Josh doubled over and Julian punched him across the jaw. Josh stumbled a bit, but regained his balance. He rushed Julian, with a shoulder to his chest. Julian was about to fall to the ground, but Josh caught him by his hair and threw Julian’s head down onto his knee. Julian held his head and backed up in pain. Then Josh ran and jump kicked him, but Julian caught his leg. Josh struggled to get free, but Julian raised his arm and forced his elbow down on Josh’s lower leg. There was a loud crack, and Josh screamed in pain as Julian dropped him to the ground. Julian smiled and approached him as Josh struggled to get up.

“You’re weak Josh.” He said, kicking him in the stomach. “Always were.”

“Not… finished… yet…” Josh grunted, trying to get up. Julian laughed.

“Come on man, you know how it is. You’ve always known that if you and me stepped into the cage I was comin’ out. You couldn’t beat me then, you can’t beat me now, and won’t beat me ever.”

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