E.G.G Episode 8: 2099

A mind boggling episode of E.G.G! A strange visitor from the future has come, but what are his intentions? And what links does he have with Josh’s son? All of these questions are answered in the most futuristic E.G.G yet!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 8: 2099

Here’s a preview:

And at that instant, a blue flash lit up the Inner Shell. When it cleared, a man stood in the center. He wore a blue costume with a red skull on the front. He had two talons coming out of the back of each arm and a mask that completely covered his face. He looked directly at Josh, then began to walk towards him. Josh drew his gun.

“Blast him!” He shouted. Everyone took out their weapons and began to fire. Alerted, the man began to move. Quickly. He swiftly and effortlessly dodged each bullet. He flipped around the room, kicking, tripping, and taking out agents.

“His moves…” Josh said. He watched as the man made his way around the Inner Shell, taking down agents one by one.

“That’s it!” Eileen said as she stepped forward, held out her hand, and shot lighting at him. It hit him, and stopped him in his tracks, but it seemed like his suit absorbed the blast. Eileen stopped. “What the…” Then he did something really unexpected. He spun a web, and stuck Eileen to the wall.

For all things E.G.G, go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/


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