Avengers v.s E.G.G Part 1: Cracked

It’s finally here! Avengers v.s E.G.G in an all out war for survival! In part one of this trilogy, Tony Stark pays a visit to Mother Egg, but it’s not a friendly one. When Josh is forced into action, will he give in to pressure, or will he fight to save E.G.G and his friends?

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Here’s a preview:


“Doesn’t look like they’re coming down Tony.” He said. Iron Man approached him from behind.

“They will if they’re smart.” He said. “Their two hours is almost up.”

“Shall I strike them down the thunders of Asgard?” Thor asked, tapping Mjolnir against his hand.

“Can we hold off on the fireworks boys?” The Black Widow said, leaning against a tree. “It’s bad enough we’re all standing out here in the open.” She looked to the awestruck citizens, everyone trying as hard as they could from behind the barrier to get pictures with their cell phones. “Speaking of which,” she said, activating her earpiece. “I thought someone was supposed to be watching for potential threats, Clint.”

“I see better from a distance,” Hawkeye replied on the other end, perched on a nearby roof. “The crowd’s clean, nothing but fan boys and bystanders. Checked the trees, a few angry squirrels, but that’s about it…”

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E.G.G Episode 13: The White Queen

In case you haven’t read it yet, E.G.G Episode 13: The White Queen is now available! Josh wakes up to find that everything he ever wanted is happening before his eyes! Could this be a new day for E.G.G? Or is this too good to be true?

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Here’s a preview:

“Eileen!” Josh gasped. “Is that any way to spend our 6 month anniversary?”

“Our 6th who what now?” she asked. Josh sighed.

“We’ve officially been going out for half a year as of today! I thought the girls were supposed to remember this stuff.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right!” She said. “Happy 6 month anniversary!” Eileen grabbed Josh by the shoulders and kissed him on the lips. Josh took a deep breath.

“Okay.” He said.

“What?” Eileen asked. “Did that not satisfy you?” She began to rub his cheek but Josh grabbed her wrist and squeezed.

“Ow!” She shouted. “Josh let go! You’re hurting me!”

“I don’t care!” Josh shouted. “Now who are you, where am I, and what have you done with Eileen!” Eileen’s face straightened immediately. She pulled away from Josh and transformed before his eyes, into the infamous Emma Frost of the Inner Circle.

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E.G.G Episode 12: Hustled

The Hypno-Hustler has invaded Mother Egg, but to beat him, the eggheads must face off in a… rap battle!? Do they have what it takes to beat this funky fresh villain? Or are his moves too smooth!

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Here’s a preview:


Crack my eggs? Bro, you can’t even touch me!

I got friends, and gear, and a full on army!

I’ll stick you to that telepoter with a quick thwip,

Then I’ll send you back home, hope you have a nice trip!


Okay, so it seems you got some fresh rhymes.

But you can only beat me so many times.

Can one of your friends step up to the plate?

Or has this giant egg decided its fate?


Decided our fate! Hey, we’re just getting started!

But you’d better run, oh wait, your flight just departed!

Looks like you’re stuck up here with him, her, and me.

And let me tell you buddy, we’re not taking it easy.

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E.G.G Episode 11: New Recruit

It’s time for a new recruit to join the Eggheads! But is he the right guy for the job? Or will he tear E.G.G apart, starting with the sacred bond between three inseparable friends!

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Here’s a preview:

“Who is he, or she, anyways?” Eileen asked. “Come on! You’ve been teasing us all week! Just tell us!”

“He, should be here any second.” Josh said, looking at his watch.

“Sir,” an agent called. “We’re getting a boarding request?”

“Send him on up!” Josh exclaimed. The agent pressed the button and a blue flash brought up the new recruit.

“Hello!” Acacia shouted. “And welcome to…” She stopped, and dropped the apple pie. The smile quickly faded from her face. Eileen’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

“No…” She said. There, in the middle of the Inner Shell, stood Julian Woodfin, holding a duffle bag, and smiling.

“So,” he said. “Where’s the confetti?”

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E.G.G Episode 10: Vengeance

It’s a dark day on Mother Egg. A demon has infiltrated, and the only one who can stop it is the monster known as Ghost Rider. But how does Eileen feel about demons on board, and what role does Acacia play in all this?

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Here’s a preview:

Suddenly the laughter came again, this time from the same hall as the footsteps. Ghost Rider took his chain from around his chest. He carefully scanned the area. Suddenly a black figure leapt from above and knocked him to the ground. The creature growled in his face, bearing talons on his fingers and pale gray skin, with pitch black hair and rat like eyes.

“Rider!” He whispered in a deplorable, desirable voice.

“Madness!” Ghost Rider growled. He punched the demon and it slid across the floor. Ghost Rider stood up and grabbed his chain. “Go home!”

“If you call that place a home,” Madness replied. “I’d hate to see where you work.” Ghost Rider swung his chain, and Madness jumped out of the way, clinging to the wall. “You can’t keep me from my goal Rider. No one can!” He jumped off of the wall and ran down a corridor. Ghost Rider growled, and stomped after him.

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