E.G.G Episode 10: Vengeance

It’s a dark day on Mother Egg. A demon has infiltrated, and the only one who can stop it is the monster known as Ghost Rider. But how does Eileen feel about demons on board, and what role does Acacia play in all this?

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 10: Vengeance

Here’s a preview:

Suddenly the laughter came again, this time from the same hall as the footsteps. Ghost Rider took his chain from around his chest. He carefully scanned the area. Suddenly a black figure leapt from above and knocked him to the ground. The creature growled in his face, bearing talons on his fingers and pale gray skin, with pitch black hair and rat like eyes.

“Rider!” He whispered in a deplorable, desirable voice.

“Madness!” Ghost Rider growled. He punched the demon and it slid across the floor. Ghost Rider stood up and grabbed his chain. “Go home!”

“If you call that place a home,” Madness replied. “I’d hate to see where you work.” Ghost Rider swung his chain, and Madness jumped out of the way, clinging to the wall. “You can’t keep me from my goal Rider. No one can!” He jumped off of the wall and ran down a corridor. Ghost Rider growled, and stomped after him.

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