E.G.G Episode 11: New Recruit

It’s time for a new recruit to join the Eggheads! But is he the right guy for the job? Or will he tear E.G.G apart, starting with the sacred bond between three inseparable friends!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 11: New Recruit

Here’s a preview:

“Who is he, or she, anyways?” Eileen asked. “Come on! You’ve been teasing us all week! Just tell us!”

“He, should be here any second.” Josh said, looking at his watch.

“Sir,” an agent called. “We’re getting a boarding request?”

“Send him on up!” Josh exclaimed. The agent pressed the button and a blue flash brought up the new recruit.

“Hello!” Acacia shouted. “And welcome to…” She stopped, and dropped the apple pie. The smile quickly faded from her face. Eileen’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

“No…” She said. There, in the middle of the Inner Shell, stood Julian Woodfin, holding a duffle bag, and smiling.

“So,” he said. “Where’s the confetti?”

And for all things E.G.G, go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/


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