Avengers v.s E.G.G Part 3: Over Easy

The final battle is here! Josh, Eileen, and Acacia v.s Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. One will rise. One will fall. Both will suffer. Avenger v.s E.G.G draws to its epic conclusion in this all out battle of the century! Brace yourselves true believers, because this is no ordinary walk in the park! This will truly blow your mind!

Click here to read Avengers v.s E.G.G Part 3: Over Easy

Here’s a preview:


“We’ve switched management.” Iron Man said, staring through his emotionless faceplate. “I’m calling the shots now.”

“Do your worst Stark.” Josh said. Iron Man raised his hand, and his repulsor glove lit up.

“One. More. Chance.” He said. Josh stood proud, and stared directly at Iron Man. Iron Man sighed. “Your loss.” Just as he fired, Josh kicked his hand towards Thor.

“Ah!” Thor shouted, as he was launched off of the edge of the Helicarrier. Josh then quickly planted a device on Iron Man’s shoulder and ran.

“What the?” Iron Man asked, but soon his armor began to short circuit. “Gah, EMP!” The lights on Iron Man’s eyes and chest went out as he fell to the ground.

“Tony!” Captain America shouted. He began to run to his aid, but Eileen punched him across the face with her good arm. Captain America fell to the ground, his shield sliding next to him. “Big… mistake.” He said, picking it up. Josh, Acacia, and Eileen all surrounded him. “Really big mistake.”

And for all things E.G.G, go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/


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