E.G.G Episode 16.1: AvE Fallout

It’s the day after The Avengers final battle with E.G.G, and things will never be the same. Acacia digs deeper into the mystery she’s indulged herself in, Eileen seeks to control her power, and Josh is getting into new kinds of trouble. In this special point one issue, the fallout from AvE just might be worse than the event itself!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 16.1: AvE Fallout

Here’s a Preview:

Natasha Romanov walked into the room in her training gear. She approached Eileen.

“Can’t sleep?” She asked. Eileen sighed.

“I don’t know what happened to me Natasha.” She said. “My powers…” Natasha dropped her gym bag and assumed a fighting stance.

“Yeah, those.” She said. Eileen stopped the punching bag then assumed her fighting stance. Natasha began the attack, she kicked and Eileen blocked it. Eileen punched multiple times, but Natasha dodged each on.

“I just felt, I don’t know,” She kicked but Natasha caught her leg and flipped her over. Eileen landed on her feet. “So out of control.”

“Stark was right,” Natasha said, jump kicking Eileen and causing her to stumble back. “Extremis is very dangerous. That idiot should not have injected you with a concentrated dose of a highly unpredictable drug.”

“Hey, Acacia was trying to save my life.” Eileen defended, tripping Natasha. She fell onto her hands and sprung back up.

“Yes, but at what cost?”

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