E.G.G Season 1 Review and Seek Peak for Season 2!

Season 1 of E.G.G is over! Watch the trailer for Season 2 now, coming in January! And click the link to find the E.G.G Season 1 Review, and go over the entire first season as well as get some vital info about the next!

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And now, the trailer for E.G.G Season 2!

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Doomed Part 2: E.G.G’s Last Stand

It’s all come down to this! E.G.G’s last stand against Dr. Doom has finally arrived! The final battle of season finale has begun. Josh, Eileen, and Acacia face their hardest challenge yet, and too late will they realize that they are doomed!

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Here’s a preview:

“I don’t like this…” Johnny said.

“We are so past that…” Spider-Man 2099 replied. “There’s no going back now.” They walked in and examined the foyer. There was a large staircase and hanging chandelier. All over the room were oversized portraits of Dr. Doom in various positions. A door opened and everyone spun around, ready to fight, when a woman emerged.

“Good evening.” She said. “I am Lucia von Bardas, welcome to Latveria. Do you have an appointment with Lord Doom?”

“No,” Josh said. “We’re here to kick his tin can back to where it came from. Now where is he?”

“I’m sorry, but that answer is not acceptable.”

“Warning,” Jocasta alerted. “She is not human!”

“What?” Eileen asked. Suddenly Lucia’s arms folded back and revealed blasters. Doors all over the room opened and grey robots with green body armor flooded in. Their arms transformed into blasters and they all stood ready to fire.

“Doombots…” Acacia whispered.

“Please provide an adequate reason for your presence in Castle Doom.” Lucia said. “You have 10 seconds to comply.”

“10 seconds?” Spider-Man 2099 said. “That’s barely enough time to make a robot related joke!”

“I will try not to take offense.” Jocasta said.

“Time expired.” Lucia said. Then every Doombot in the room began to open fire.

“Run!” Josh shouted.

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E.G.G Update

Season 1 of E.G.G is ending with tomorrow’s episode! So, instead of a Q&A next Thursday, I’m gonna do a season-wide review on Saturday, and go over everything that’s happened! Also, you’ll get a sneak peak into Season 2! So tune in on Saturday for the E.G.G Season 1 Review, and make sure you ask any and all season 1 questions you have! After that, E.G.G’s gonna take a break for the holidays, but you can expect Episode 21, the first Episode of Season 2, on Friday, January 2, 2015! See you tomorrow, Saturday, and then next year!

Doomed Part 1: Ultimate Alliance

Part 1 of Doomed: E.G.G Season Finale. The end is near as Josh, Acacia, and Eileen set off to take on their most challenging foe yet, Dr. Doom. But first, they’ll need an extraordinary team of people up for the fight. Josh will assemble his ultimate alliance, but what he and the rest fail to realize, is that they are doomed.

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Here’s a preview:

“We have to get her back.” Josh said. “We’re going to Latveria.”

“Whoa, wait a minute!” Eileen said. “Latveria is sovereign ground. We step foot on that soil not only are we public enemies of the entire country but we’re asking for a war. S.H.I.E.L.D won’t be able to back us up, nor will the Avengers, not to mention what would happen if the World Security Council found out!”

“Plus Doom has an army of evil Doombots!” Acacia added. “And without backup, we’re digging our own graves. I’m really sorry to say this, but it’s too much of a risk to take for one agent.” Josh looked up.

“It’s one agent now, but tomorrow it’ll two. Then three! Doom made the first move, he was sending a message, this is retaliation!”

“Yeah, but invading a foreign country?” Eileen asked. “Like we’re soldiers of fortune? Josh, think about this.”

“I did. He asked for it. He’ll get what’s coming to him.”

“So the three of us,” Acacia said. “Are gonna take down, literally, number one on S.H.I.E.L.D’s most wanted list… for one agent?”

“No, not the three of us.” Josh said. “We’ll need a team. An ultimate alliance if we’re gonna take down Doom.”

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Ultron is in Mother Egg, and he needs something from them. In a race against time to save his friends, Josh must bend to the will of this mechanical menace! Will Ultron become unstoppable? This is one E.G.G you don’t want to miss!

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Here’s a preview:

“Your associates have enough oxygen to last exactly three hours.” Ultron said to Josh. “When that time has elapsed, due to human’s necessity to breathe, they will die.”

“Let them go Ultron!” Josh demanded. “Or I’ll…”

“Threatening me is wasting their time.” Ultron said. “I will issue my demands, and you will obey.” Josh sighed.

“What do you want?”

“As I mentioned before, this form is weak and can easily be eliminated. You will build a new chassis for me.”

“In three hours!” Josh shouted. “There’s no way I can finish in time, I don’t have the materials, I don’t have a design…”

“Inaccurate.” Ultron stated. “Exactly five weeks ago Jocasta placed an order for the proper materials you need to construct my new body. They await you in the cargo bay. I will provide you with the schematics you need. Factoring in your expertise in the construction of mechanical devices along with futile human traits such as weariness and hunger, the task I am demanding of you will take exactly two hours, forty-seven minutes, and sixteen seconds.” Josh looked over at Eileen and Acacia, desperately trying to free themselves from the tubes.

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

“Of course you will, you had no other logical choice.”

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