Ultron is in Mother Egg, and he needs something from them. In a race against time to save his friends, Josh must bend to the will of this mechanical menace! Will Ultron become unstoppable? This is one E.G.G you don’t want to miss!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 18: Ultron 7

Here’s a preview:

“Your associates have enough oxygen to last exactly three hours.” Ultron said to Josh. “When that time has elapsed, due to human’s necessity to breathe, they will die.”

“Let them go Ultron!” Josh demanded. “Or I’ll…”

“Threatening me is wasting their time.” Ultron said. “I will issue my demands, and you will obey.” Josh sighed.

“What do you want?”

“As I mentioned before, this form is weak and can easily be eliminated. You will build a new chassis for me.”

“In three hours!” Josh shouted. “There’s no way I can finish in time, I don’t have the materials, I don’t have a design…”

“Inaccurate.” Ultron stated. “Exactly five weeks ago Jocasta placed an order for the proper materials you need to construct my new body. They await you in the cargo bay. I will provide you with the schematics you need. Factoring in your expertise in the construction of mechanical devices along with futile human traits such as weariness and hunger, the task I am demanding of you will take exactly two hours, forty-seven minutes, and sixteen seconds.” Josh looked over at Eileen and Acacia, desperately trying to free themselves from the tubes.

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

“Of course you will, you had no other logical choice.”

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