Doomed Part 2: E.G.G’s Last Stand

It’s all come down to this! E.G.G’s last stand against Dr. Doom has finally arrived! The final battle of season finale has begun. Josh, Eileen, and Acacia face their hardest challenge yet, and too late will they realize that they are doomed!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 20: Doomed Part 2- E.G.G’s Last Stand

Here’s a preview:

“I don’t like this…” Johnny said.

“We are so past that…” Spider-Man 2099 replied. “There’s no going back now.” They walked in and examined the foyer. There was a large staircase and hanging chandelier. All over the room were oversized portraits of Dr. Doom in various positions. A door opened and everyone spun around, ready to fight, when a woman emerged.

“Good evening.” She said. “I am Lucia von Bardas, welcome to Latveria. Do you have an appointment with Lord Doom?”

“No,” Josh said. “We’re here to kick his tin can back to where it came from. Now where is he?”

“I’m sorry, but that answer is not acceptable.”

“Warning,” Jocasta alerted. “She is not human!”

“What?” Eileen asked. Suddenly Lucia’s arms folded back and revealed blasters. Doors all over the room opened and grey robots with green body armor flooded in. Their arms transformed into blasters and they all stood ready to fire.

“Doombots…” Acacia whispered.

“Please provide an adequate reason for your presence in Castle Doom.” Lucia said. “You have 10 seconds to comply.”

“10 seconds?” Spider-Man 2099 said. “That’s barely enough time to make a robot related joke!”

“I will try not to take offense.” Jocasta said.

“Time expired.” Lucia said. Then every Doombot in the room began to open fire.

“Run!” Josh shouted.

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