E.G.G Episode 24: And a Side of Rice

The Wolfpack, the best S.H.I.E.L.D agents ever, are paying E.G.G a visit. Josh is overly excited, but is there more to this little field trip than meets the eye?

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Here’s a preview:

“That’s them guys!” He exclaimed. “The Wolfpack!” He pointed to the guy on the left. “That’s Justin Milan, quickest sharpshooter in the west! He once took down ten moving targets in under 3 seconds!”

“That’s pretty cool.” Eileen said.

“I know! The one on the right is Tristan Trevino. He’s the smartest tactician survivalist you’ll ever meet! I heard that he survived in the forest for a whole month with nothing but a plastic spoon!”

“I’m sure that’s a rumor…” Acacia said.

“And then him, in the middle, ooh boy, that’s Kyle Rice!”

“What’s he do?” Eileen asked.

“Everything! If I had a nickel for every ounce of awesomeness he has in one bone of his body, I’d be richer than Osborn over here!”

“Doubtful, but whatever.” Harry said.

“He does it all! Guns, sword fighting, hand to hand, espionage, stealth ops, black ops, you name it he’s done it!”

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No Q&A for 23.1

Hey guys, I just thought that I’d let you all know that I’ve made a last minute decision not to do a Q&A for E.G.G Episode 23.1. As I’ve said before, .1 issues are issues that have important information to the story, but are not significant enough content-wise for a full issue. I feel that 23.1 is really, really short, and really there’s nothing we haven’t covered. Lightstream, Syndicate, Celeste being a genius, the only advancement was Jocasta’s new body. How exciting. So, if anyone actually has any questions, you can post them here and I’ll answer them. But if not, then tune in tomorrow, January 30, for E.G.G Episode 24: And a Side of Rice! And yes, there will most definitely be a Q&A for that. Thank you guys!

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E.G.G Episode 23.1: Friends

You want more Lightstream? More Syndicate? More inventions? This point one issue your first stop! All aboard for an E.G.G adventure about friendship!

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Here’s a preview:

“Move in,” the commander of the group said. “And smoke them out.” The Syndicate soldiers began to advance, taking out a smoke grenade.

“Come on Acacia…” Josh said. Suddenly a laser beam pierced the smoke canister, detonating it on the Syndicate soldiers causing them to fire blindly in the gas. Acacia rushed forward, manically laughing as she fired the laser.

“I love it!” She shouted. “I want one!”

“I’m not sure you should have one!” Josh called.

“You kidding? I’m kicking some serious Syndicate-” Suddenly Acacia was grazed by a bullet. “Gah!” She said, dropping the laser and holding her shoulder as the commander came through the smoke.

“Ever get to say goodbye to your friends?” He asked, powering up his blaster.

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E.G.G Episode 23: Lightstream

A new threat has arrived at E.G.G’s front door, a threat the likes of which the Marvel Universe has never encountered before! But along with this new evil comes a new force for good. Who is the mysterious new hero? And who are the sinister new Syndicate? Those questions and more can only be answered in this don’t-miss issue of E.G.G!

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Here’s a preview:

Suddenly the window burst open. Everyone looked up to see a girl fly in and fist slam in the middle of the bank. She wore a purple suit with black gloves, boots, belt, and shorts. She had on a purple eye mask with glowing blue lenses, a blue lightning streak across her chest, and short red hair. She stood up and assumed a fighting stance, her fists glowing blue.

“Alright, which one of you trash bags wants to hit the dump first?” She asked.

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E.G.G Episode 22: It’s Not Easy Being Green

We’ve known for a while Acacia has a boyfriend, now we finally figure out who it is! But is this a simple visit, or will he bring a slew of trouble with him? Not only that, but a bad family tie has Josh on the offensive, big time!

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Here’s a preview:

“Come out, come out. I don’t think you’d be too happy if some of these good people got hurt on your behalf…”

“That’s not gonna happen.” Taskmaster turned to see the three friends standing in front of the elevator. He laughed.

“And what are you supposed to be?” He asked. “Rent-a-heroes?”

“Rent-a-hero this!” Josh said. He rushed at Taskmaster. He punched, punched, then kicked. Taskmaster dodged each one. Then he punched Josh, punched him again, then kicked him. Josh slid back. “No way…” Acacia and Eileen charged. Acacia did a spin kick but Taskmaster ducked under, then he caught Eileen’s karate chop and spin kicked her. Acacia began to punch, but he karate chopped her.

“He’s using our own moves against us!” Eileen shouted.

“Here’s one I’m sure he doesn’t know!” Josh said, getting up.

“Josh, no!” She called, but too late.

“Have a taste of the Joshua Westbrook Combat Special!” He did a front handspring, flipped into the air, then came down on the Taskmaster with his heel. Taskmaster blocked Josh’s attack with his shield, then he did a front handspring, flipped into the air, then came down on Josh with his heel. Josh fell against the wall.

“Who… taught you that?” He asked, horrified.

“You did.” Taskmaster said.

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