E.G.G Episode 21: E.G.G Reborn

egg logo season 2

Season 2 of E.G.G kicks off today, with Episode 21: E.G.G Reborn! E.G.G is back! A new base, a new foe, and a new vow, the perfect comeback is set up as E.G.G rises from the ashes of its doom and becomes reborn!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 21: E.G.G Reborn

Here’s a preview:

Chandler, Arizona. A fair sized city. Everyone was either at work or school, cars filled the streets. It was somewhat busy, but there were calm places. Chandler Boulevard, one of the two largest streets in the city, however, was not calm. Because there was a man inside of a giant gyro ball composed of rotating rings rolling down the street, pancaking cars and damaging buildings. In hot pursuit was Joshua Westbrook, Director of E.G.G. He flew a short distance away on a jet pack, Repulsor Blaster in hand.

“You’re not getting away from me again Gyro Man!” He shouted to the man in the ball. “You still owe me 10 bucks!”

“Well then come and get me, Westbrook!” Gyro Man shouted, as he turned down another road. Josh growled under his breath.

“Typical super villains, never wanna do things the easy way!” He activated his earpiece. “Eileen, you copy?”

“Yeah, I copy,” She said, standing a ways down the road from the chase.

“Gyro Man is coming your way, set the trap!”

“You got it.” Eileen aimed a Thwip Blaster and shot a strand to a wall across the street. She connected the other end to a wall behind her. “Trap is laid.” She said.

“Good, let’s end this!”

And for all things E.G.G, go to zaxlon.hubpages.com


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