E.G.G Episode 23.1: Friends

You want more Lightstream? More Syndicate? More inventions? This point one issue your first stop! All aboard for an E.G.G adventure about friendship!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 23.1: Friends

Here’s a preview:

“Move in,” the commander of the group said. “And smoke them out.” The Syndicate soldiers began to advance, taking out a smoke grenade.

“Come on Acacia…” Josh said. Suddenly a laser beam pierced the smoke canister, detonating it on the Syndicate soldiers causing them to fire blindly in the gas. Acacia rushed forward, manically laughing as she fired the laser.

“I love it!” She shouted. “I want one!”

“I’m not sure you should have one!” Josh called.

“You kidding? I’m kicking some serious Syndicate-” Suddenly Acacia was grazed by a bullet. “Gah!” She said, dropping the laser and holding her shoulder as the commander came through the smoke.

“Ever get to say goodbye to your friends?” He asked, powering up his blaster.

And for all things E.G.G, go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/


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