E.G.G Episode 28: Secret Invasion

The Skrulls are here. And everyone is a suspect. In this episode of E.G.G foes become allies, allies become foes, and everything you thought you knew will be thrown out the window. This is one can’t miss, high flying, action packed issue of E.G.G!

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Here’s a preview:

Josh sat outside at a café, Allyson sitting across from him in her best Sunday dress and hat.

“This is nice.” She said. “A vacation to New York, just to get away from it all.”

“Yeah,” Josh replied, playing with his fork. Allyson frowned.

“You don’t look happy.” She said. Josh looked up.

“Sorry Allyson, I’m just trying to sort out this whole ‘who’s got a case of the Skrulls’ deal. They can be anybody…”

“Josh, Eileen and Acacia are still themselves.”

“What? How’d you…”

“Because they’re your best friends, and you want to be able to trust them. The uncertainty has to be devastating.”


“But you know them better than anyone. So what do you say we head back to E.G.G Base tomorrow and get this settled? In the meantime, relax! We’re in New York City!” Josh smiled.

“You’re right Allyson! I should take a load off!”

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E.G.G Episode 27: Who Do You Trust?

Trust no one. Ever.

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Here’s a Preview:

“Joshua Daniel Westbrook!” Eileen shouted. Josh and every other agent in the Inner Shell turned to see her standing there, staring directly at him.

“Eileen Deborah Wuthrich.” Josh replied. “And what is it that has you shouting my full name across the Inner Shell?”

“I don’t think you’re fit to lead E.G.G anymore.” She called. There were instant murmurs of excitement and confusion amongst the agents. Josh looked around.

“And what makes you think that?” He said, attempting to maintain his cool.

“Ever since you’ve started E.G.G, you’ve made one stupid decision after another.”

“Excuse me! I have not!” Acacia walked into the room with Celeste and sat down next to Harry, who was adamantly watching.

“What’s going on here?” She asked him.

“Wuthrich just called Westbrook out!” Harry answered. “Now, shh, I wanna hear this!”

“Name one stupid decision I made!” Josh shouted at Eileen.

“Easy!” She replied. “Where were the background checks on the Hatchlings that infiltrated E.G.G and killed me? Oh, and what about the super criminal you invited up to Mother Egg? She was the same one that blew it out of the sky when you took everybody down to Latveria to save one agent! And let’s not forget that time you let Julian join E.G.G, yeah, that was smart.”

“Okay, I’m done taking this from you!” He said.

“Why? Can’t handle the truth? I mean, come on, you couldn’t even pass the S.H.I.E.L.D field agent exam for crying out loud!” The chatter amongst the agents increased. Josh looked at Eileen angrily.

“Stand down Eileen! Remember your…”

“My place?” She finished. “Yeah, I’m kinda sick of my place. Second in command never suited me. I want yours now. I want to be director.”

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E.G.G Episode 26: Love and War

Secrets will be revealed, status will be questioned, and the end will have you so confused, the only thing you’ll be able to say is ‘What the shell is going on!’

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Here’s a preview:

“Hey, guys, hug it out later,” Acacia said. “I think we’ve trouble on our hands. Serious trouble.”

“How serious is serious?” Josh looked around the vat to see the lieutenant of the group. He wore a black costume with a white belt, boots, and gloves. He had a mask that revealed his eyes and mouth, but most importantly, a bullseye on his forehead. Josh’s eyes widened in fear. “Bullseye.” He whispered.

“Who’s that?” Eileen asked.

“Okay, imagine an evil Hawkeye without the bow and arrow.” Josh replied.

“So what, he never misses?”

“Not even once.”

“I can heeeeeear you…” Bullseye said, taking three sharp blades from his belt.

“Oh yeah, and he’s legally insane.” Josh added.

“Perfect.” Eileen said.

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E.G.G Episode 25: Heroes of Tomorrow

Josh, Eileen and Acacia may be gone, but the Syndicate don’t take a day off! It’s time for a new group of heroes to shine! This adventure is like no other E.G.G ever read before!

*Again, sorry for the delay guys. Enjoy!

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Here’s a preview:

A young boy, about 12, walked into the room. “This here’s my little buddy Jerome! Known the kid since he was three! He’s like a brother to me!”

“Hi,” Jerome said.

“Hey,” Celeste shyly replied.

“Well it’s about time Celeste got somebody to play with!” Acacia said. “I was thinking about getting her a gerbil!”

“Nobody likes those things.” Josh replied.

“Hey guys.” Eileen said, walking into the room with a 13 year old boy next to her. “Celeste, this is my little brother, Seth.” She said. “He’ll be here with you and Jerome.”

“Oh, cool.” Celeste replied.

“Nice to meet you!” Seth said, shaking her hand.

“So wait, it’s just gonna be us three?” Jerome asked. Josh, Acacia, and Eileen all broke down laughing.

“Leave three kids alone in E.G.G Base with untold amounts of weapons of mass destruction?” Josh laughed. “Of course not! Jocasta!”

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