E.G.G Episode 29: Acacia’s Great Escape

Acacia’s up and ready for action! The Skrulls are in for a surprise when Acacia teams up with some pretty unlikely allies to escape their warship. But with dangers like Super Skrull lurking about, that may be harder than she thinks. Oh, and there’s a pretty amazing guest appearance, but we’ll let you figure that one out!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 29: Acacia’s Great Escape!

Here’s a preview:

Acacia led the way back to the room Captain America was being held and pointed. “There he is.”

“’Bout 10 of ‘em.” Quartermain said. “We got this.” Acacia held up one finger, then two, and on three, they rushed in screaming and firing blasts all over the room. The Skrulls scattered for cover and began firing back. Acacia and Quartermain hid behind a table. “We’re pinned! Now what?” Acacia looked at Captain America’s stasis tube.

“We even the odds!” She aimed the blaster and fired it at the control panel. The tube opened and the liquid spilled out, along with Captain America.

“He is loose!” a Skrull shouted. “Restrain him before he…” He was interrupted by Captain America’s hand around his throat.

“I think someone should tell you,” Captain America said. “I don’t do well with forced naps.”

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