E.G.G Episode 32: Clash of Titanium

The West Coast Avengers are still in E.G.G Base, and things aren’t getting any easier. But when Titanium Man threatens the city, can Josh and Hawkeye out their differences aside and convince their teams to work together?

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 32: Clash of Titanium

Here’s a preview:

“Attention!” He shouted. “This is the police! Release the hostages, and come out with your hands above your head, now!” Suddenly a Syndicate soldier kicked the doors open and launched a rocket at the cops. They took cover as it hit a car and flipped it into the air.

“I think they got the message.” He said.

“I want you to make sure.” Titanium Man replied. The soldier nodded.

“You got it.” He reloaded his RPG and took another shot. It flipped another car into the air.

“Look out!” The chief shouted, pushing another officer out of the way. He braced for impact, but then… nothing. He opened his eyes to see the car floating above him, engulfed in pink magic. “What the…”

“Sir,” He turned to see Scarlet Witch standing over him. “This isn’t light. You might wanna move.” The chief got out of the way and she dropped the car. Hawkeye jumped on top of it and the rest of the West Coast Avengers fell in.

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