E.G.G Episode 33: Revenge

An old friend calls in a favor from Josh, and he’s glad to oblige. But things suddenly go south when the favor happens to be something one member of E.G.G can’t bring herself to do.

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Here’s a preview:

“Thank you. But on to other matters, I need you down the hall.” Kristen began to walk, and they all followed. “Now, this guy showed up a few months ago. He was sent to us because word spread of our physician, Donald Blake. He was the best there was. But even he couldn’t figure out what’s happening to this man. Anyways, Blake’s gone now, and now we’re even farther away from figuring out what this is. His symptoms are… strange to say the least. And he’s only been getting worse. He’s nearly flat lined twice, and he’s hooked up to intense life support. He’s going to die unless we can help him, but first we’ve got to figure out what’s wrong.”

“Leave it to us!” Josh exclaimed, as they walked down to room 556.

“I really hope you can help.” Kristen said. “Because we’re out of options.” She opened the door to reveal Tanner Powell, lying on a hospital bed, hooked up to a life support system.

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