E.G.G Episode 35: Spider-Man


Harry’s friends Peter and Mary Jane are coming to visit him. Everything seems to be going fine, when suddenly a foe looking for revenge returns and threatens everything. He may be too much for Josh, Lightstream, and Acacia, but can he handle the Amazing Spider-Man!

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Here’s a preview:

“Syndicate Grand Master.” He stated.

“Oh! We have met!” Acacia said. “Hey, how those burns treating ya?”

“You mean this?!” He lifted his visor to reveal his face, badly burned and permanently scarred.

“Ooh,” Acacia said. “Okay, in all fairness, I had just gotten my powers and really wasn’t sure how to use them. That and, well, you suck at fighting…”

“Rrrraaahhh!” He growled, pulling his visor back on and lifting two cars into the air.

“Um, Acacia.” Mary Jane said. “I think you should stop making fun of him.”

“I second that suggestion.” Harry said, as he hurled both cars.

“Watch out!” Mary Jane called. Both cars flew directly at Acacia.

“Acacia!” Harry shouted. He rushed up and grabbed her. The cars were about to slam into them when a red and blue blur swooped around the corner and kicked them out of the air. The cars crashed down in front of them, and on top of one of them, he landed. The red and blue suit. The bug-like eyes. The web pattern and emblem on the chest. It was him. It was Spider-Man.

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