E.G.G Episode 36: Days of Acacia Past


For a while now, it’s been known that Acacia has had a dark and mysterious past. It all comes to light in this episode. Friendship, betrayal, love, death. Acacia’s past is not the nicest. But will Josh and Eileen see her the same way once they’ve heard the full story?

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Here’s a Preview:

“What? No! You know what I mean!” Acacia looked down.

“I’m sorry.” She said, pulling out a chair and sitting down. “My past is just something I don’t like to revisit often.” Eileen sat down next to her and put her hand on her shoulder.

“I’m kind of curious too…” She said. “The Skrull Acacia was bragging about how much more she knew about you alone than me and Josh combined. We’re your friends Acacia, you can tell us anything.”

“Yeah, we won’t judge!” Josh said. Acacia looked at him. “What? Okay, fine, not verbally.” She kept looking at him. “Okay, well I’ll try and keep it to a minimum! Geez, no credit…” Acacia sighed.

“Okay, fine, if you guys really want to know. But I’m not guaranteeing you’ll like everything you hear.” Josh pulled up a chair and sat in it backwards, resting his arms on the headrest.

“Try us.” He said. Acacia nodded.

“Alright. Well, it all began back when I lived in Oregon, years and years ago. When I was very young I was accepted to an institute for girls with unique talents called Cedaren Academy. They trained us to be fast, strong, smart, superior in every way…”

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