E.G.G 2099 Episode 2: Escalation


Spider-Man 2099 has a plan to prevent the Dark Day from ever happening and save the lives that Darkstream destroyed. But to do it, he needs the help of E.G.G 2099. However, with Venture hot on the tail of an oblivious Miguel O’Hara, things could escalate quicker than expected.

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Here’s a preview:

“O’Hara, you still there?” He whispered. A few yards behind the train, Spider-Man 2099 swung from building to building, following it closely.

“Yeah, I’m here,” He said. “I still don’t know why I can’t ride in the train!”

“Because we’re on the clock and don’t have time for you to change.”

“Whatever. We’re almost there. Get ready.”

“I’m always ready.” The train stopped. He, Acacia and Fumiko stood up and began to exit. Suddenly everyone stopped at the doors as two Public Eye Patrol men stepped up.

“Random security check.” One of them said. “Prepare to give us identification and open your bags.”

“Aw shock.” Charlie swore under his breath, looking down at his duffle bag. “Acacia, Fumiko, get in front of me, I’m gonna need a distraction.”

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E.G.G 2099 Episode 1: Gifted


Josh is dead. Eileen is in prison. Acacia is alone. Nick Fury told her that if the dawn never came, to make her own, so she did. In the year 2099, E.G.G still exists, but it is the most unlikely team ever…

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Here’s a preview:

“Oh, Joshua Westbrook, he was a wildcard. He always did things his way, sometimes it was for the better, but no matter what, he always put his friends before himself.”

“Wish I could’ve known him.” Charlie said. He sighed. “Well, nothing I can do about that now.”

“Maybe there is.” Miguel said. “If I can prevent the Dark Day, you might actually get a chance to know your father!”

“That’d be amazing!” Charlie replied. “I’m willing to help in any way I can.”

“Good, because I could use all the help I can get.”

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E.G.G Episode 40.1: So She Made Her Own


E.G.G is over. There is nothing left for our three heroes, for their tale has ended. Now we look to the future, where a new journey just might begin.

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Here’s a preview:

“I knew these things would come in handy!” He said, picking up the diary pages. “Now I just have to get that cure, hop back to 2013, and hope to shock I’m not too late!”

“I’m afraid you ain’t goin’ nowhere, bug.” A voice came from the shadows. Spider-Man 2099 quickly turned to see a cyborg emerge from the shadows. He had robotic left arm, two robotic legs, one robotic eye, a brown trench coat, and a western style cowboy hat. Next to him emerged a man in black and blue body armor. He had guns attached to his arms, as well as a flame thrower and retractable arm blades. He had a sword on his waist, a jet pack, and a frightening helmet that looked like that of a gladiator, with a visor down the middle.

“Venture!” Spider-Man 2099 said, assuming a fighting stance. “I see you finally figured out you can’t beat me by yourself.”

“Sloan’s decision.” He replied. “You and I both know I work better alone.”

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