E.G.G 2099 Episode 1: Gifted


Josh is dead. Eileen is in prison. Acacia is alone. Nick Fury told her that if the dawn never came, to make her own, so she did. In the year 2099, E.G.G still exists, but it is the most unlikely team ever…

Click here to read E.G.G 2099 Episode 1: Gifted

Here’s a preview:

“Oh, Joshua Westbrook, he was a wildcard. He always did things his way, sometimes it was for the better, but no matter what, he always put his friends before himself.”

“Wish I could’ve known him.” Charlie said. He sighed. “Well, nothing I can do about that now.”

“Maybe there is.” Miguel said. “If I can prevent the Dark Day, you might actually get a chance to know your father!”

“That’d be amazing!” Charlie replied. “I’m willing to help in any way I can.”

“Good, because I could use all the help I can get.”

And for all things E.G.G 2099, go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/


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