E.G.G Episode 41: Brand New Day!

egg logo season 3

E.G.G is back! Season 3 is in full swing with all the characters you love, and some new ones too! Did Spider-Man 2099 really change history? How will James affect the present? Who is Agent Rice’s new partner? All of this and more in the long awaited season 3 premier of E.G.G!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 41: Brand New Day

Here’s a preview:

Tumbleweed Park was peaceful at this time of day. There, people walked along the path, minding their own ways. Kids rolled around in the grass. Couples kissed on the benches. All was well in Tumbleweed Park. That is, until suddenly, a giant blue portal opened up smack in the middle of everything. Everyone panicked and ran this way and that, soon leaving the park deserted. Then, Spider-Man 2099 and James Collins both came tumbling into Tumbleweed, sliding in the grass. James sat up and looked around, awestruck.

“I don’t believe it…” He said. “He actually did it! We travelled back in…”

“AH!” James turned to see Spider-Man 2099 lunging for him. James went quickly for his gun but was too late, as Spider-Man 2099 punched him in the face so hard it knocked him out cold. “And stay down!” He shouted. He put his hands on his knees and took deep breaths. “Calm down Migy. It’s over.” He stood up and surveyed the area.

“Aw shock, this isn’t Mother Egg!” He said. He looked at the nearest sign. “Tumbleweed Park… Chandler Arizona! I’m nowhere near Idaho!” He sighed. “Okay, I can get there quick, as long as I have the…” He patted himself down. “Where’s the Xtractor!” He looked around the area. Then he looked at James. “No…” He lifted James up to see the vial crushed to pieces, the serum soaking into the grass.

“NO!” He screamed. He threw James against a tree. “Thanks a shocking lot pal!” He sighed. “I guess I’m gonna have to use the version from this time and hope it works. But that’s all the way in New York! And the Dark Day is due in hours! Ah, let’s hope the butterfly effect is in full gear, because any small event that prevents that disaster is just the miracle I need!”

And for all things E.G.G, go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/


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