E.G.G Episode 42: Cleaning House


E.G.G is cleaning house! Nick Fury is officially back and relocating E.G.G. Now three friends will have bigger and better challenges to face in a place that can only be known as: New York City!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 42: Cleaning House

Here’s a preview:

“You’re fired.” Josh said to Eileen.

“What? Why?” Eileen asked.

“Um, the same reason you were avoiding me all day yesterday.” Josh said. “For bringing that… that guy into my base!”

“His name is James.”

“I don’t care if it’s Fred! He’s still in my base!”

“Actually, I’m Fred.” Acacia interjected. “He can be Tom.” Josh looked at her.

“Tom?” He said. “How can look at him and say Tom? I’d say Brandon maybe…”

“So, we’re good here?” Eileen asked, standing up.

“Sit down!” Josh ordered. “I’m not through with you!” Eileen sighed.

“Josh, he had nowhere else to go!” She said. “Kristen said he needed to rest.”

“There are benches in the park.” Josh said. “You know, where you found him!”

“Josh, have a heart, he’s a nice guy. And, you know, he’s kinda cute…” Josh snapped.

“There it is!” He said. “That’s the only reason you brought him here!”

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