E.G.G Episode 44: Scramble


A new villain presents himself to E.G.G and the entire Marvel Universe! Also in this issue, a glimpse in the past of Josh and Eileen, and the secrets of what happened between them and their longtime sworn foe, Julian Woodfin!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 44: Scramble

Here’s a preview:

Julian walked into Dr. Doom’s throne room, fully decked out in his armor. Doom looked down at him.

“Woodfin?” He asked. “What is the meaning of your intrusion?”

“I’m sick of fillin’ your orders Doom.” Julian boldly stated. “And I know you ain’t gonna let me walk out that door. So I’m gonna take you down, then I’m gonna go live my life. The way I want. Without you.”

“You dare!” Doom shouted, standing up. “You dare to defy Doom? To whom you have sworn your allegiance!”

“I ain’t scared of you Doom.” He powered up his sonic gauntlets. “Now, you gonna back off, or do I gotta sit you down?” Doom clenched his fists, which began to gather two red energy blasts.

“I have so little respect for those who do not know their place!”

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