E.G.G Episode 45: Masters of Doom


Scramble is back, but this time he has backup. The Masters of Doom have formed, and they are the most formidable opponents E.G.G has ever faced. In this double sized episode, a clash of titanic proportions begins, and the end is so shocking, you may just yell at the screen!

Here’s a preview:

“Yo, hold the door!” Julian called, as one agent instinctually did so. “Thanks.” Julian said as he got in.

“No problem.” The agent replied. The second agent looked at him suspiciously.

“Hey, what’s your clearance level?” He asked, as the doors closed. Moments later the doors opened in the cellblock, and Scramble stepped out, leaving two unconscious agents behind. He walked down the line of cells. Villains watched as he passed, some called out to him, but he had no interest. He knew who he wanted. He walked down to a specific cell and looked inside.

“Excellent.” He said, as he touched his finger to the control panel and scrambled the circuits. Seconds later, Gravity Master stepped out.

“About time.” He said.

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 45: Masters of Doom

And for all things E.G.G, go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/


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