E.G.G Episode 46: Arrested Development


And now the story of a secret government agency, who even when taking two steps forward, always manage to take one step back. It’s arrested development.

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 46: Arrested Development

Here’s a preview:

Josh had made his way to Maya’s apartment. He was looking at shelf of pictures while she was in the kitchen, fixing lunch.

“You like ham or turkey?” She called out.

“Turkey, definitely.” Josh replied, examining the pictures. He came across one of Maya and a man holding up a first place ribbon. “Who’s this?” He asked, holding it up as Maya entered the room with two sandwiches.

“He is an old friend,” She said, handing Josh the plate and taking the picture. “His name is Aldrich Killian. He, uh, he’s not around anymore.” She set the picture down.

“What happened?” Josh asked.

“He committed suicide a few years ago.” Maya said, sitting on the couch.

“Oh, man, I’m so sorry.” Josh said, sitting next to her.

“Yeah, well, you know. Job takes its toll on some people more than others.”

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