E.G.G 50th Episode Spectacular!


It’s here! The E.G.G 50th Episode Spectacular! Continuing the Inner Circle story that began in 47, Eileen has been chosen as the next host for the Phoenix Force! But the mutant-hunting Sentinels have other plans. Now E.G.G, the X-Men, and even the Inner Circle are all caught in a battle royale of epic proportions. But the Sentinels are the least of their worries when a long lost threat rises once again…

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Here’s a preview:

“Everybody hit the deck!” Cyclops called as the Sentinel that lifted the roof off of the hideout of the Inner Circle opened fire. It blasted lasers out of its hands, attempting to hit everyone, because with the exception of Josh, Acacia and James, they all were mutants. About 25 more had landed behind him and were moving in on E.G.G, the Inner Circle, and the X-Men.

“Mutants detected.” The Sentinel called. “Destroy.”

“Come on guys!” Josh called, running with James, Acacia and Eileen close by. “We gotta get out of here! Now!”

“But the X-Men!” Eileen said.

“They are more than capable of taking care of themselves!” Josh called. Suddenly a Sentinel hovered down and landed directly in front of them.

“Mutant detected.” It said, rockets emerging from its shoulders. “Destroy.”

“What?” Acacia said. “Who’s he talking about?”

“He’s talking about me!” Eileen said. The three of them looked at her.

“What?” They all asked simultaneously. The Sentinel then launched the rockets.

“Crap!” Josh exclaimed. Just then, Angel swooped in and grabbed Eileen. Jean mentally pulled Acacia out of the way and Shadowcat grabbed Josh and James, phasing them into the ground.

“X-Men, take down the Sentinels!” Cyclops ordered.

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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 49


The Inner Circle v.s the X-Men! Eileen and the Phoenix Force! Sentinels! Episode 49 had it all! Get your questions answered in the Q&A now! And tune in tomorrow, September 25, for the E.G.G 50th Episode Spectacular: Destroy!

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E.G.G Episode 49: The Inner Circle and E.G.G Q&A: Episode 48


In case you missed it, E.G.G Episode 49: The Inner Circle, and the Episode 48 Q&A were posted last week! Check them out now!
Episode 49 Synopsis: Eileen has been kidnapped by Emma Frost! Now it’s up to E.G.G and Agent Rice to save her before whatever sinister plan the Inner Circle has comes to fruition. Guest starring the X-Men!

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Here’s a preview:

“My name is Sebastian Shaw.” He said. “I am the Black King of the Inner Circle, I am also a mutant.”

“A mutant?” Eileen asked.

“Yes, I absorb energy and transform it into physical strength. Allow me to introduce my cohorts.” He pointed to a man with long straight black hair and a mustache. “This is Mastermind, the White Rook. He can create very convincing telepathic illusions.”

“My, my,” Mastermind said. “You are even more beautiful in person Ms. Wuthrich.”

“Don’t make me sick.” Eileen said. Shaw pointed to a man with long blonde hair and robotic limbs.

“This is Donald Pierce the White Bishop, he’s a cyborg.” He said.

“And just because I’m half robot, doesn’t mean I’m less of a man.” Pierce said, smiling. Shaw pointed to a woman in a black corset, cape, and long flowing hair.

“Selene Gallio, the Black Queen. She can drain the life force of others to strengthen herself.”

“So don’t get too close.” She said with a smirk. Shaw pointed to a man with red hair and a goatee.

“This is Harry Leland, the Black Bishop. He can increase the mass of anything, or anyone.”

“Multiply your weight by a thousand times if want.” Leland added. “Send you plummeting towards the core of the planet.”

“I’m sure you already know Emma Frost, our White Queen.” Shaw said. “She’s the one that found you.”

“How?” Eileen asked.

“Why, that brutish little Wolverine girl.” Emma said. “I willed her to move in front of your car, it was only a simple matter of following you back to your base.”

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E.G.G Episode 48: The X Factor


The White Queen returns! As Emma Frost mounts an attack on E.G.G, the pieces to a much bigger plot fall into place. The first time she came was just a smash and grab, but this time, the consequences may be much, much worse!

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Here’s a preview:

Emma Frost sat on a bench in Grand Central Station. She looked at her watch and sighed. Just then a woman with short black hair approached and sat next to her.

“You’re late Raven.” Emma said. The woman squinted angrily at her.

“Don’t call me that.” She replied. “That’s my slave name.”

“Whatever,” Emma said, handing her a file. She opened it and looked in.

“This the target?” She asked.

“Yes, it is.”

“And I’m still getting the agreed upon amount?”

“Of course.” She handed the file back to Emma.


“That ‘employees only’ closet just at the bottom of the staircase.” Emma replied, handing her a copy of Josh’s ID badge. “Don’t get caught, especially by Director Westbrook. He knows how to fight my mental control, and I won’t be able to bail you out.”

“I won’t get caught. I’m going in.” She stood up and began to make her way to the door.

“Be discreet about it, there are people everywhere.” She looked back at Emma.

“Discreet is my business.”

“Very well, good luck Raven.” She cut Emma an evil look. “Oh, I’m sorry, Mystique.”

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E.G.G Episode 47: Experiment X-23


Wolverine is the best there is at what he does. But he’s not the only one that does what he does, and after this episode, you may even wonder if he really is the best!

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Here’s a preview:

“This won’t hurt a bit sweetie.” She said, slowly moving the needle towards her. But the second it made contact with her skin, the girl opened her eyes.

“AH!” She shouted, smacking it out of Eileen’s hands.

“Holy crap!” Josh said, as he and Acacia jumped back. Eileen held out her hands.

“It’s okay…” She said. “Calm down…”

“Grrrrrr…” The girl snarled.

“Um, Eileen, I don’t think she’s listening to you.” Josh said. The girl looked over at Josh. “Ah! Uh… hey… what can I do for you…”

“Where am I!” She growled, standing up.

“Um, you’re in a safe place.” Josh answered. She looked around and saw all of the medical equipment.

“You’re lying!” She shouted. And with a snikt, two Wolverine-like claws popped out of each of her hands. “Where am I!”

“Aaaaahhhh!” Acacia screamed, rushing out of the room.

“Time to go!” Josh shouted, he and Eileen right behind Acacia.

“Come back here!” The girl screamed. She began to run after them when Josh slammed the metal door in her face.

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