E.G.G Episode 49: The Inner Circle and E.G.G Q&A: Episode 48


In case you missed it, E.G.G Episode 49: The Inner Circle, and the Episode 48 Q&A were posted last week! Check them out now!
Episode 49 Synopsis: Eileen has been kidnapped by Emma Frost! Now it’s up to E.G.G and Agent Rice to save her before whatever sinister plan the Inner Circle has comes to fruition. Guest starring the X-Men!

Click here for the E.G.G Q&A: Episode 48

Click here for E.G.G Episode 49: The Inner Circle

Here’s a preview:

“My name is Sebastian Shaw.” He said. “I am the Black King of the Inner Circle, I am also a mutant.”

“A mutant?” Eileen asked.

“Yes, I absorb energy and transform it into physical strength. Allow me to introduce my cohorts.” He pointed to a man with long straight black hair and a mustache. “This is Mastermind, the White Rook. He can create very convincing telepathic illusions.”

“My, my,” Mastermind said. “You are even more beautiful in person Ms. Wuthrich.”

“Don’t make me sick.” Eileen said. Shaw pointed to a man with long blonde hair and robotic limbs.

“This is Donald Pierce the White Bishop, he’s a cyborg.” He said.

“And just because I’m half robot, doesn’t mean I’m less of a man.” Pierce said, smiling. Shaw pointed to a woman in a black corset, cape, and long flowing hair.

“Selene Gallio, the Black Queen. She can drain the life force of others to strengthen herself.”

“So don’t get too close.” She said with a smirk. Shaw pointed to a man with red hair and a goatee.

“This is Harry Leland, the Black Bishop. He can increase the mass of anything, or anyone.”

“Multiply your weight by a thousand times if want.” Leland added. “Send you plummeting towards the core of the planet.”

“I’m sure you already know Emma Frost, our White Queen.” Shaw said. “She’s the one that found you.”

“How?” Eileen asked.

“Why, that brutish little Wolverine girl.” Emma said. “I willed her to move in front of your car, it was only a simple matter of following you back to your base.”

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