E.G.G 50th Episode Spectacular!


It’s here! The E.G.G 50th Episode Spectacular! Continuing the Inner Circle story that began in 47, Eileen has been chosen as the next host for the Phoenix Force! But the mutant-hunting Sentinels have other plans. Now E.G.G, the X-Men, and even the Inner Circle are all caught in a battle royale of epic proportions. But the Sentinels are the least of their worries when a long lost threat rises once again…

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 50: Destroy

Here’s a preview:

“Everybody hit the deck!” Cyclops called as the Sentinel that lifted the roof off of the hideout of the Inner Circle opened fire. It blasted lasers out of its hands, attempting to hit everyone, because with the exception of Josh, Acacia and James, they all were mutants. About 25 more had landed behind him and were moving in on E.G.G, the Inner Circle, and the X-Men.

“Mutants detected.” The Sentinel called. “Destroy.”

“Come on guys!” Josh called, running with James, Acacia and Eileen close by. “We gotta get out of here! Now!”

“But the X-Men!” Eileen said.

“They are more than capable of taking care of themselves!” Josh called. Suddenly a Sentinel hovered down and landed directly in front of them.

“Mutant detected.” It said, rockets emerging from its shoulders. “Destroy.”

“What?” Acacia said. “Who’s he talking about?”

“He’s talking about me!” Eileen said. The three of them looked at her.

“What?” They all asked simultaneously. The Sentinel then launched the rockets.

“Crap!” Josh exclaimed. Just then, Angel swooped in and grabbed Eileen. Jean mentally pulled Acacia out of the way and Shadowcat grabbed Josh and James, phasing them into the ground.

“X-Men, take down the Sentinels!” Cyclops ordered.

And for all things E.G.G, go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/


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