E.G.G Episode 51: Technovore


A deadly virus has invaded E.G.G Base! It’s up to Jocasta to stop it, but will she be able to survive, or is this the end of E.G.G’s beloved AI, and Celeste’s best friend?

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 51: Technovore

Here’s a preview:

Suddenly the lights flickered. “Oh now what!” Josh shouted, as the computer screens all began to glitch.

“What’s going on?” Acacia asked, walking into the room. Suddenly all of the monitors went blank.

“I quit.” Josh said. “I freaking quit! Can there just be one day where crap doesn’t go wrong!” Just then, two menacing red eyes appeared on every screen.

“Consuuuuuuuuume….” A voice from the computers hissed. Then the screens began to show a range of data. Numbers streaming by at light speed.

“What’s happening?” Eileen asked. Jocasta then rushed into the room with Celeste.

“Warning!” She exclaimed. “All systems are compromised!”

“What are we dealing with Jocasta?” Josh asked.

“I believe it is a virus.” She replied.

“Crap!” Josh exclaimed. “Eileen, get in there and see what you can see.” Eileen nodded. She held her hand to her head.

“I see… there’s… some kind of monster!” She said. “It’s… It’s feeding on our database, consuming everything!”

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