E.G.G Episode 52: Hammer Time


It’s date night! Josh and Maya, Acacia and Quartermain, and Eileen and… Justin Hammer? It’s hammer time in this romance filled fiasco! Heck, even Agent Rice gets a date! But, as always, trouble brews in the background, waiting to strike…

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 52: Hammer Time

Here’s a preview:

Josh looked at Eileen.

“Why does she look like a farm girl?” He asked.

“I am a farm girl!” She shouted.

“Well, we don’t want Justin Hammer to know that, now do we?”

“And what’s so bad about it if he does?” Eileen asked.

“Okay, Justin Hammer is a billionaire with an ego whose only goal in life is to one up Tony Stark.” Josh answered. “So if Tony dates a hot chick, he’s gonna go ten times hotter, which means you’ve gotta look ten times hotter than a girl Tony Stark would date.” He looked at Maya. “You dated Stark once, right?”

“Yeah.” She replied.

“So you’ve gotta look ten times hotter than Maya… which is impossible… So I guess the mission is scratched.” Eileen rolled her eyes.

“What is it about this guy again?” Acacia asked.

“He runs Hammer Multinational,” Josh replied. “Which, after some research, I discovered is the majority stock holder in an organization called A.I.M.”

“A.I.M?” Eileen asked.

“Advanced Idea Mechanics.” Josh replied. “Think us, but evil. These guys use mad scientist skills to invent things that hurt the world, not help it. Real up there on S.H.I.E.L.D’s radar.”

“These guys sound dangerous.” Maya said. “Maybe you shouldn’t get involved…”

“They let out that Technovore virus in our base, they’re dangerous, and need to be stopped. The only thing I couldn’t find was their base of operations, but… I figure a pretty face in heels can swindle that info right out of Mr. Hammer.”

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