E.G.G Episode 58: Heroes for Hire


With E.G.G always fighting super villains, how can they have time to make gadgets for S.H.I.E.L.D? Answer: They hire super heroes! Luke Cage and Iron Fist guest star in this issue as they take care of all off E.G.G’s superhero business! But what exactly defines ‘superhero’ business?

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 58: Heroes for Hire

Here’s a preview:

“But I’m done making excuses. As the new director, my job is to make sure that the rest of you do your jobs. So, I’ve come up with a contingency plan to deal with these distractions while we make cool toys.”

“And that would be…” Josh said. Eileen led them into the Inner Shell.

“These guys.” She said, pointing to a tall, muscular African American man in a yellow shirt, and another man in a green suit with yellow gloves, boots, belt, a mask that came halfway down his face, and a dragon on his chest.

“Luke Cage.” The first man said.

“Iron Fist.” Said the second one, bowing. “Namaste.”

“No way!” Josh said. “The Heroes for Hire! Dude, alright!” He said, holding his hand up to Luke Cage. Cage raised his eyebrows. “What? A brother can’t get a high five?”


And for all things E.G.G, go to http://hubpages.com/@zaxlon


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