E.G.G Season 3 Review


A look back at E.G.G Season 3, sneak peek into Season 4, and some more big announcements! Read the E.G.G Season 3 Review now!

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After dealing with the Mandarin, Josh returns to E.G.G Base to find that things aren’t quite how he left them. How will his battle with the Mandarin affect E.G.G? Did Miguel succeed in creating a better future? Will James stay behind with Eileen? Is Agent Rice part of the Wolfpack once more? All of these questions are answered in this point one issue, where everything is truly starting over.

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Here’s a preview:

Spider-Man 2099 cleared his throat and broke the silence.

“So…” He said to James. “You really had no idea Eileen was Darkstream?”

“None!” James replied.

“And she told you she was Lightstream? Lightstream, Darkstream, you didn’t make that connection?”

“I always thought Darkstream was Lightstream’s evil half-sister or something.”

“… Wow.”

“The textbooks were very vague, okay!”

“Sure, sure. You know that all of this never would have happened if you didn’t follow me through that time portal back at Sloan’s lab, right?”

“I know, I was dumb. But, then I never would have met Eileen.”

“Hm, point taken.”

“You know, I don’t think I’d have fought you if I’d known you were trying to save her.”

“Well thanks for telling me that now.” Spider-Man 2099 replied. “You know, after I was almost dissected…”

“I said I was sorry!” James apologized.

“No, no, it’s cool.”

“Oh, okay. Good.”

“… I’m just saying though, the guy was gonna cut off my head.”

“Okay, you’re not gonna let this go, are you?”

“No, no I’m not.”

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E.G.G Episode 60: Hands of the Mandarin Part 2- The Ten Rings of Power


Hands of the Mandarin: The E.G.G Season 3 Finale. Part 2 of 2: The final part of the Season 3 finale! Josh and Lee Mei are cornered by the Mandarin, with no means of escape! Agent Rice and James are both on track for  completing their missions. And the return of the most menacing adversary E.G.G has ever faced. After this, life for the eggheads will never be the same.

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Here’s a preview:

Josh peeked around the corner, then motioned for Lee Mei to follow him. They began to run down the hall.

“I don’t get it.” Josh said. “Where are all the guards? This place is deserted…” As they made their way down the halls, they passed many clay samurai statues. Lee Mei cautiously made her way around them, sticking close to Josh. Josh looked at Lee Mei. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Èmó.” She said, pointing to the clay guardians.

“The statues?” Josh asked.

“Èmó.” She repeated, holding her fingers to her head like devil horns.

“Riiiiiiight…” Josh said. “Lee Mei, I think you’re being a little paranoid, or superstitious. They’re just…” Suddenly the eyes on all of the clay guardians lit up orange, and they all stepped off of their stands in unison and took out their swords. “… statues.” Josh finished. They all surrounded the two and aimed their swords.

“Wǒmen yàosǐ!” Lee Mei exclaimed. Josh turned and punched one, crumbling it to pieces.

“Run!” He shouted, grabbing her arm and running away, as they were adamantly pursued.


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E.G.G Episode 59: Hands of the Mandarin Part 1- Heroes Fall


Hands of the Mandarin: The E.G.G Season 3 Finale. Part 1 of 2: All seems to be going well for E.G.G, with major threats like the Inner Circle and A.I.M dealt with, they can finally relax. But the Mandarin has other plans. It all has lead to this. Josh was warned, he didn’t listen. Now, he will pay. Elsewhere, Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099, draws nearer to his goal of changing the future. That is, if James will let him.

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Here’s a preview:

“Mr. Westbrook.” A deep, spine chilling voice announced. “You were warned to cease your investigation into my affairs, but you failed to comply. Now you will suffer the consequences.” The screens went blank. Everyone looked around and murmured in confusion. Josh stared, horrified.

“How did he…” He began, when suddenly the plane jolted. Everyone screamed, flight attendants fell to the ground. The buckle seat belt sign came on as the plane jolted again. Josh and the woman fell to the ground. Suddenly there was an explosion. Josh looked outside to see one of the turbines on fire.

“Oh no…” he said. The plane shook again. Then the wing broke off. Everyone screamed in panic. The woman attempted to get up but Josh held her down.

“Stay down!” He ordered, as she screamed.

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