After dealing with the Mandarin, Josh returns to E.G.G Base to find that things aren’t quite how he left them. How will his battle with the Mandarin affect E.G.G? Did Miguel succeed in creating a better future? Will James stay behind with Eileen? Is Agent Rice part of the Wolfpack once more? All of these questions are answered in this point one issue, where everything is truly starting over.

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 60.1: Starting Over

Here’s a preview:

Spider-Man 2099 cleared his throat and broke the silence.

“So…” He said to James. “You really had no idea Eileen was Darkstream?”

“None!” James replied.

“And she told you she was Lightstream? Lightstream, Darkstream, you didn’t make that connection?”

“I always thought Darkstream was Lightstream’s evil half-sister or something.”

“… Wow.”

“The textbooks were very vague, okay!”

“Sure, sure. You know that all of this never would have happened if you didn’t follow me through that time portal back at Sloan’s lab, right?”

“I know, I was dumb. But, then I never would have met Eileen.”

“Hm, point taken.”

“You know, I don’t think I’d have fought you if I’d known you were trying to save her.”

“Well thanks for telling me that now.” Spider-Man 2099 replied. “You know, after I was almost dissected…”

“I said I was sorry!” James apologized.

“No, no, it’s cool.”

“Oh, okay. Good.”

“… I’m just saying though, the guy was gonna cut off my head.”

“Okay, you’re not gonna let this go, are you?”

“No, no I’m not.”

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