What is E.G.G?

What is E.G.G?

Hello, and welcome. Now I’ll bet you’re all wondering: What the shell is E.G.G? Well, allow me to enlighten you. E.G.G is the story of three friends, and the adventures (or misadventures) they embark on in the ever expansive Marvel Universe. It is a fully realized, complex story that will (hopefully) provide you with pure entertainment on a weekly basis!

The World of E.G.G

E.G.G takes place in my own version of the Marvel Universe. No, I didn’t take a bunch of liberties like making Iron Man a girl and giving Spider-Man a boyfriend. I simply merged the three existing Marvel Universes (616, Ultimate, and Cinematic) into one big expansive universe, taking the best elements from all of them to come up with the best story possible.

Okay now seriously, what the shell is E.G.G!

I’m glad you asked! E.G.G stands for Experimental Governments Gadgets. It is a subdivision of S.H.I.E.L.D tasked with manufacturing, storing, and distributing their weapons, gadgets, and any other trinkets deemed too risky to keep aboard S.H.I.E.L.D’s flying fortress known as the Helicarrier. E.G.G is run and operated by three friends that face a new challenge everyday, whether it be a super villain break-in, a fellow hero in need, or an epic rap battle to the death! Yeah, it gets real like that.

Go to http://zaxlon.hubpages.com/ to start reading E.G.G now!


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